Dosimeters RadiaScan

Two models of dosimeters RadiaScan are available:

  • RadiaScan-501;
  • RadiaScan-701.


Model RadiaScan-501 provides a generic set of tools for monitoring the current radiation situation. RadiaScan-501 is convenient to use as ionizing radiation indicator for monitoring radiation changes of the environment in a certain place or for determining the differences of radiation level in different places. RadiaScan-501 is sensitive to beta radiation, although weaker than RadiaScan-701, but much greater than the majority of other similar devices.


Model RadiaScan-701 differs from the 501 model in backside design of device. In 701 model, at the backside of the device where detector is located there is a window with through holes which can be closed by a removable lead filter. Due to these differences, 701 model allows to carry out additional types of measurements and to obtain more accurate data.

Availability of a window with through holes in 701 model increases sensitivity for beta radiation (especially for beta particles with low energies of about 100 keV), that allows to use the model as a radiometer.

Moreover, with open window sensitivity of the device in the search mode of radiation sources in the area and in the mode of radioactive contamination detection of items and food increases.

By using a lead filter the accuracy of measurement of ambient dose rate and its intensity under the control of the X-ray and gamma radiation improves.