RadiaScan-701A pancake probe Geiger Counter for Alpha, Beta, Gamma and X-rays


RadiaScan-701A is the most affordable household dosimeter capable of detecting all existing types of radiation: Alpha, Beta, Gamma and X-rays.


1. Quickly check residential and public facilities

You can check the soil, facades, and interiors of houses (especially those made of granite), tap water, volcanic sand beaches.

2. Check suspicious items

You can check old antiques, watches, figurines, uranium glass or uranium glaze dishes, toggle switches, compasses, photo lenses, Christmas-tree decorations, electronic components and natural minerals.

3. Quickly monitor the background radiation, search for contaminated objects in the area

You can carry the device with you all the time in a special case. On a belt, in a pocket or just in a bag. The device will inform you about entering the zone of increased radiation with a sound alarm. You can customize the alarm levels by yourself or use the default settings.

4. Check food products

Check mushrooms, berries, dairy products, fish, meat, grown in areas of radioactive disasters and radioactive fallout. This is a very difficult task since hazardous radioactive substances are hidden inside the organic mass of food. Only a small part of it emits, mostly as Beta particles. RadiaScan detects them with its multi-sensitive sensor.

5 .Stationary background radiation monitoring

The device can work in standby mode and collect environmental data, for example, outdoors. The device stores data in its memory, you can send them to a PC via USB and build graphs in the software. Sometimes enthusiasts manage to register temporary changes in the radiation background caused by the movement of air masses from volcanoes, forest fires, and man-made accidents. Such air sometimes contains radionuclides.

6. Periodically check offices and living spaces for hazardous radioactive radon gas

Using a special technique, RadiaScan can provide a conditional estimate of the radon concentration in the premises. Pay special attention to tap water, as it can be highly radon gas-saturated. Radon and its decay products emit Alpha and Beta particles which can only be detected by professional mica sensors such as BETA-1 (installed in RadiaScan). Note that it is Radon that represents the greatest radiation hazard in the modern world.

According to official WHO data, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, after smoking. The European Code Against Cancer, among twelve proposed items, recommends checking the living quarters for the radon gas presence.

The human accumulates about half of the lifetime radiation dose just by inhaling radon in residential and work premises.

7. Identify the type of radiation from a specific object

What kind of radiation does such a source emit? Alpha, Beta or Gamma? If you find a radioactive object, you can identify the type of its radiation using RadiaScan and a simple functions.

8. Avoid long time contact with radioactive people

Some people next to us in the public spaces are being treated with radioactive iodine-131 or technetium-99. They emit strong radiation around, so unless high necessity, staying near such people for a long time is undesirable. The device will help control this situation.


1. Detects any radiation: α + β + γ + X-rays

This is one of the few dosimeters that can detect and measure all 4 types of ionizing radiation: Alpha + Beta + Gamma + X-ray. Conventional SBM-20 tube-based dosimeters are capable of detecting Gamma, X-rays and partially Beta particles. While Alpha and Beta particles are the most dangerous. RadiaScan-701A dosimeter detects all types of radioactive emission with a highly sensitive Beta-1-1 mica sensor.

2. Highest precision measurement

RadiaScan-701A is a household version of the professional laboratory RadiaScan-801M dosimeter listed in the state register of measuring instruments and is subject to state metrological control. RadiaScan-801M has a certificate of state verification unlike RadiaScan-701A. Its results can be used for expert opinions.

3. Quick displaying of accurate results

The device has an ARM Cortex-M3 processor that provides accurate results as quickly as possible. Moreover, the stronger the radiation source, the faster the result is displayed.

4. Tracking results in a convenient format

RadiaScan-701A displays the radiation level in different units of measurement: Sievert, CPS, Roentgen. Readings in alpha and beta modes are displayed in particles per square centimeter per minute.

5. Evaluating the measurement result accuracy

The measurement result is accompanied by its measurement error indication. So you can always check accuracy of the radiation measurement result currently shown on the display. The longer the measurement, the lower the statistical error and the more accurate the current result. The overwhelming majority of dosimeters from other manufacturers do not display a statistical error and, as a result, you do not understand whether you can trust the displayed results.

6. Extended range of radiation dose rate measurement

From 0.01 μSv/h to 10.0 mSv/h. This range of RadiaScan is 10 times greater than that of conventional SBM-20 sensor-based dosimeters. Conventional dosimeters have a rather small dose rate measurement range. When exceeding it, the device freezes and stops measuring. This makes them conditionally useless in some cases since they "go off the scale". RadiaScan will also operate at a radiation power of up to 10.0 mSv/h which significantly increases its usefulness even in case of extreme man-made accidents or military operations.

7. RadiaScan is easy to charge via USB – as easy as your a smartphone

The set contains 2 embedded AAA rechargeable batteries of 1,100 mAh. You can charge them via a regular USB cable (no need to remove them from the device and use a separate charger). You can charge the dosimeter both from a 220 V mains, and from a PC or external power banks. Fully charged batteries provide up to 59 hours of continuous dosimeter operation (in economy mode). With periodic device use, a fully charged battery pack serves for more than a month or more.

8. PC connection

The dosimeter can be connected via a USB cable to a PC with a preinstalled RadiaScan app. In the app, you can configure the dosimeter, work with the event log, and remotely control the measurement process, for example, in cases where the personal presence at the measurement site is undesirable (also convenient for long-term measurements). You can also download RadiaScan PC app from themanufacturer's official website.

9. Regular software improvement and firmware update

RadiaScan 701A is an actively developing product. The device firmware has been continuously improved since 2013. Several updates are released annually. By updating the RadiaScan firmware, you can periodically improve your dosimeter free of charge.

10. Bright color OLED display

Bright, easy-to-read color display with 170 deg. viewing angle. Display size - 1.8 inches, resolution - 160x128 pixels. Compared to the monochrome version, the multicolor display shows a much larger amount of visually understandable information (analog, digital) on the screen.

11. Quality certified in Europe

RadiaScan-701A has successfully passed tests in a European laboratory and has a European CE certificate.

12. Sound and light alarm

The standard dosimeter alarm feature provides timely notification of exceeding preset radiation thresholds, warning of possible radiation exposure. Unlike many dosimeters, with RadiaScan-701A, you can set 2 thresholds in each of the operating modes.


detector type
Geiger Muller pancake probe detector Beta 1-1,
Indicating range of radiation intensity mcSv/h
0,01 - 10 000
Indicating range of integrated dose mSv
0,001 - 1 000
Photon energy range MeV
0,05 - 3,0
Indication range of beta rays fluence rate (90 Sr), part/(sm2·min)
5 - 30000
Indication range of alpha rays fluence rate (239 Pu), part/(sm2*min)
5 - 30000
Energy lower limit of registered beta radiation (due to average energy of beta spectrum 14C)
MeV, less than or equal to 0.05
Indication range of beta rays fluence range limits part/(sm2*min)
1 - 30000
Indication range of alpha rays fluence range limits part/(sm2*min)
1 - 30000
Energy lower limit of registered beta radiation (due to average energy of beta spectrum 14C)
MeV, less than or equal to 0.05
Indication range of dose limits
mkSv/h 0.001-999.999
Indication range of dose level limits
mSv 0.1-9999.9
Power supply
two AAA rechargeable or regular batteries