RadiaScan dosimeters possess all the necessary capabilities which are inherent in this class of devices:

  • ability of continuous monitoring of ambient dose intensity of photon radiation;
  • ability of assessment of integral ambient dose of photon radiation;
  • emanation of alerts when defined thresholds are exceeded, both for dose and dose intensity;
  • numeral, graphical, aural indication of the current level of ionizing radiation;
  • assessment of statistics error of indication with a trust level of 0.95.

Besides typical capabilities of devices of this class, dosimeters RadiaScan provide additional tools for monitoring radiation situation:

  • means for searching in surrounding areas radiation sources or zones with high radiation level;
  • means for detection of radioactive contamination of food or surfaces of items;
  • control of sources of beta radiation (not all models RadiaScan).

Dosimeters RadiaScan – is actively developing product. Software of dosimeters is updatable. Latest versions of software and documentation can be downloaded from our website in section downloads.